Six And A Half Months

Monday, 2 July 2018

Rob and I realised recently that we don't actually have many photos of the three of us together. We have ones of us with Jackson, and a huge amount of just him, but I think we only have one of the three of us. Which is pretty sad really! Neither of us wanted to look back and not see our little fam in any photos so we decided to treat ourselves to a wee photoshoot at home. Holy, was it worth it? Uh. I think the snaps speak for themselves. My goodness my boys are handsome. What a lucky lady I am.

A very big thank you to Nicole from Nicole Paton Photography  - it ended up being such a fun afternoon and she kept the vibe super relaxed and happy. Connecting with talented NZers is the best!


  1. These are really cool! Profesh but super natural! You must be so glad you got them done ✅

    1. Thank you!! Definitely what we were going for haha and I thought we better get them done while he's got a bit more personality but not moving around too much! Will be so nice to have them to look back at later on xx


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