Loving My Body For Him.

Monday, 22 January 2018

I was pretty open with sharing the way my body grew during pregnancy. For the first time, I kind of embraced the "big" and wore tight dresses, took half naked photos and just stopped sucking in my tummy and relaxed. I mean, at the beginning it's a pretty tough thing to accept that your body is changing and growing but once you come to terms with the fact that you have a wee babe growing in there, you just go with it.

Since Jackson has been earth side, I've noticed a change in me. I'm back to being critical about my body. My boobs are too big, my tummy is too soft. My clothes don't fit me properly, my body has been leaking for the last six weeks and when I try and take a nice photo of myself, I'm taking fifty photos and being dissatisfied with all of them. And it's ridiculous because you know what? I made a baby. A human. A little being. Then I pushed him out of my body and have been nurturing and nourishing him for the last six weeks. Me! My body. All by itself. And here I am being critical of it? Bizarre.

But it's a tough thing when you're confronted with images of these Mums who look amazing and seem to have it all together. And this is nothing new you guys, we all know the damage media can do. So that's why I'm making a stand. I'm going to share my body. Even though it's marked, soft and different to how it was over a year ago. Heck, it's different to how it was six weeks ago! That’s the thing, our bodies DO change. They grow, they shrink. They get hurt and heal and become scarred. They are nurtured, they are damaged. We treat them well, and sometimes we don't. But they are ours. And they are all so unique.

That's what I want to show Jackson. I think there is a lot of focus and emphasis on mothers teaching their daughters to be happy with their bodies, while forgetting that all children (regardless of gender) learn about body positivity from the people around them. And that there is pressure for all genders to look a certain way. We forget that men are just as affected by this "perfect body" mentality as we are.

I also want Jackson to learn that there are so many different ways that women can look, and they are all perfect. No, my body is not the same as my Mums. Or my friends. Or Kim Kardashian.s But that doesn't make it wrong, just different. By being happy with my body, not commenting on my "flaws" and treating it well, I hope that Jackson will learn to not only accept his just the way it is, but also others. And hey, it's a big call. There's only so much us Mums can do and it's a tough thing to ignore how society thinks we should look and behave but we can only do our best and by first accepting our own bodies and learning to love them as they are, we can only hope that our little ones learn by example.

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